We are excited to share our passion for health of mind, body, and spirit through the uplifting and redemptive work of health ministries. We provide a range of resources and programs, seeking to address the needs of each community. We are located in Hamburg, PA and serve the churches and organizations of the Pennsylvania Conference and beyond. You can be sure to find support and resources in the areas of physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health.

Why Use Health Ministries as a Part of Your Church’s Cycle of Evangelism

Wholistic Health

Empowering fitness for eternity through promotion of a balanced life that integrates body, mind and spirit.

Giving People a Sense of Worth

Recognizing the value and dignity of every person as one created in the image of God and for whom Christ gave His life to redeem.

Community Collaboration

Inviting and affirming individuals and community organizations from a broad spectrum of backgrounds to collaborate with us in wellness outreach that extends the healing ministry of Christ.

Inclusive Service

Embracing service to people of every religion, ethnicity, culture, gender, and socio-economic status within our community.

Stewardship of Resources

Honoring the sacred trust of our God, constituents, community, and those we serve through the judicious use of our time, talent, human, and financial resources.

Revealing Christ

Showing through every word and action, Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Meet Our Team

Eddie Pic

Dr. Eddie Ramirez


Dr. Eddie Ramirez is a medical doctor, research scientist, published author and international speaker. He has 27 years of experience working in lifestyle centers worldwide applying therapeutic modalities to different medical problems. He has more than 120 published studies in the scientific literature documenting the effects of lifestyle changes on different pathologies and the effects of Dr. Neil Nedley’s depression program. His work has been featured on NBC’s Texoma , Icelandic National TV and Ecuavision. He is a co-author of the 3rd edition of the textbook Lifestyle Medicine, and the book Rethink Food, together with Neal Barnard, Michael Greger, Hans Diehl, Joel Furhman and other lifestyle medicine leaders. He enjoys traveling and serving others with his family.


Cari Haus


Cari Haus graduated with a B.B.A. in Accounting from Andrews University in 1982 and became a C.P.A. in 1984. For the past 5 years, Cari served as an auditor for the Michigan Conference. Prior to that her career journey took her on a number of multi-year stops, including Project Manager for Nedley Publishing and Director of Student Industries for Great Lakes Adventist Academy. Over the past 35+ years, Cari has also authored, co-authored, or ghost-written more than 30 published books. Some of the more recent projects she was involved with include “The Lost Art of Thinking” by Dr. Neil Nedley and “Faith-building Stories for Kids” (with herself as author). In addition to being an accountant and writer, Cari is a wife, Mom, and dedicated “Grandma.”


Lynette Duman, LPN


Lynette’s organizational skills keeps the office and staff running smoothly. She has been at AWHN for 12 years. She enjoys reading, camping and visiting her grand kids!